Blackwell & Page was established in 2010 as a registered business of Painless Productions Pty. Ltd.  We have helped hundreds of clients across Australia and South East Asia find and recover lost and unclaimed money and assets.

Director Richard Pain B.A (English) & B.A. (Communications) leads a team that specialises in providing an individual, bespoke service to clients.

What we do

Blackwell & Page locates lost assets.  By ‘lost’ we mean assets that may be lost, forgotten or overlooked by their rightful owner.  We also offer assistance to those owners to recover these assets.


What do we mean by ‘asset?

An asset is something with a redeemable value. We do not locate lost cars, jewellery or real estate.

How do we operate?

Our commission that is only payable if an asset is lost and the rightful owner recovers it. In nearly all cases our commission is paid from the proceeds of the asset’s sale, with the client receiving the balance. There is nothing payable ‘up front’.



Blackwell & Page is proud to support the following charities